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"Kaipo's Sandbox" is a place where adults, through Neuromovement, reconnect with a more youthful version of themselves. A place where families meet to share ideas and experiences. A place for all to support those who care for people with special needs.



Adults Who Have Had a Stroke or Brain Injury

An adult who has lost some kind of function is - in terms of this work - no different than an infant born with a brain injury. What is different is that the adult most often has knowledge or memory of what he or she "should" or "could" do, but executing that action is now impaired by the brain injury. But if your brain could learn the action when you were an infant (lifting the arm above the head, rolling, walking) then your "new" brain can learn it too!

Watch the video below by a young woman who had a stroke and used ABM NeuroMovement successfully in her rehabilitation. (Note: I was lucky enough to be in the audience in the clip where she is having the videoed session with Anat!)

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