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(808) 721-1773

"Kaipo's Sandbox" is a place where adults, through Neuromovement, reconnect with a more youthful version of themselves. A place where families meet to share ideas and experiences. A place for all to support those who care for people with special needs.


Adults and Seniors


Improve your well-being without surgery, drugs, or painful therapy.

Through gentle movement "lessons," I will guide you through an experiential learning process, creating new neurological pathways and leading you to a life with renewed energy, pain-free movement, mental clarity and alertness. Though many people look for this kind of therapy due to a specific diagnoses (such as stroke) or other brain injury, everyone will eventually experience some kind of mental and physical decline as they age and this work can significantly delay or slow that process.



On a low therapy table, I will gently guide you through various movements that will release muscle tension, increase range of motion, improve balance and leave you with a renewed sense of self and overall well-being.

Sessions are done in-home and I charge $75 for 45-60 minutes. I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss ABM and how it can work for you, including a short demonstration of the work. For new clients, I highly recommend a series of at least three sessions within five days in order to see the changes that can occur, so I offer a package price of three sessions for $200 so long as the three sessions are used within a week.


mindful movement lessons

I teach Mindful Movement at MOA Wellness Center in Honolulu. Re-connect your brain and body with these movement lessons designed to improve balance, promote ease of movement, and enhance overall health and well-being.

Lessons are done either standing, in a chair, or on the floor based on the participants' abilities. Please see my calendar for the latest schedule. Drop-ins are welcome at $25/class. Or, purchase a prepaid card of 5 classes for only $100 (good for one year from the first class date). Special discounts available to Silver Sneaker members (classes are free!) and HMSA members ($5 off the drop-in price)!

NOTE: Due to out-of-state travel, there will be no classes from 9/17 - 10/11/19.